Shipping and Delivery
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Shipping and Delivery

Shipping Time and Rules

Shipment times for each product vary depending on availability. The estimated shipping time is shown for each product when you place an order at If your order includes several products, the estimated shipping time will depend on the product that will take the longest. We do not separate orders, nor do we separate combo products and ship them before the estimated shipping time. If you want to receive products individually as soon as they are available, please order them separately.

Delivery and Shipping Fee

Shipping Services

Orders will be shipped by DHL/Fedex/UPS/TNT. Due to air transportation restrictions, it is recommended to purchase no more than two batteries per order.

Shipping Fee

We offer free shipping on orders of 100usd. If your order does not qualify for free shipping, the shipping fee will be shown on the address-filing page once the order is settled.

Tax/Customs Clearance Issue
df is not responsbile for any import tax or customs clearance issue.Once receive any customs clearance request or tax payment request from your customs ,please deal with it asap.DF will always asist you on this.We will also send notification about tax or customs clearance request once we get any info about that.

Shipping Notice

For special shipping requests, please contact df Support. Please confirm your address before payment. If you enter the wrong address, please contact df Support in a timely manner. We will contact logistics personnel to solve the problem. df orders can only be shipped to the country where the order is placed. If you ask to change the address after the order has been shipped, we cannot guarantee that your order will be updated. In addition, you are responsible for all possible risks and expenses caused by changing the address after the order has been shipped.

When you place an order, be sure to enter the correct name, address, and contact information so that we can deliver your items successfully.

df assumes no responsibility for delayed or rejected orders due to the following reasons:
1.Shipping time might be delayed for 1-2 days for transportation to remote regions.
2.Delay or delivery failure because of the consignee’s actions. These actions include, but are not limited to: changing the address after shipment, entering an unknown address or wrong address, entering incorrect contact information, and refusal to receive, etc.
3.Delay due to force majeure. “Force majeure” means an unforeseen, inevitable, or insurmountable objective situation and other objective conditions that cause delayed shipping, including, but not limited to: national or regional air or ground transportation system controls or interruptions (e.g., weather reasons), communication system interference or malfunction, government actions, postal administration policy changes, wars, earthquakes, typhoons, floods, fires, heavy rain, heavy fog, and other similar events.
4.Aviation contraband, mobile phones, electronic products, fragile products, and other products that are not available for air freight service due to aviation security regulations.
5.Shipments that are confiscated or disposed of due to a violation of transportation regulations.
6.Mail and packages cannot be delivered to the consignee’s address during weekends, national holidays, and festivals.
7.The consignee address is a school, unit, or residential community where the courier has no access.

Order and Logistics Tracking


After the order is shipped, you will receive a notification email or SMS containing the waybill number (you need to confirm SMS notifications when placing the order). You can click the link and skip to the express company’s official website to check your package shipment status.

Tracking Your Order

1. Log in to your df account and check “My Orders”
2. Contact df Support (

Inspection and Sign

As df products are generally quite valuable, please inspect the package upon delivery. If it’s damaged or deformed, do not sign the delivery or open the package. In such cases, please contact df Support.
Once you (or someone else on your behalf) signs for the item, df will consider this your acceptance of the package, quantity, and product. To protect your rights, you are highly recommended to shoot a complete unboxing video and check the items according to the packing list. If items are missing or damaged, please contact df Support within 24 hours after you receive the package so that we can resolve the problem immediately.


1.How do I track my order status if I don’t have a df account?
Once your order is successful, the system will automatically register a df account for you. The user ID will be the email that you used to place the order.
2.After I place an order, how do I change my order before shipment?
The nation, product quantity, category, and color cannot be changed once an order has been placed. If you need to change these details, please cancel the order and purchase again.
Due to different states and cities having different tax rates, we do not allow our customers to change the city, state, or ZIP code after the order has been placed when the order is paid for via credit card or bank transfer. If the order is paid for via Paypal or Affirm, no changes can be made since the payment service provider verifies shipping address information before they approve payment.
3.How do I cancel after I have submitted the order, but it has not shipped?
If your order has not been shipped, you can log in to your df account and cancel your order in “My Orders” on the df Store. If your order has been shipped, you cannot cancel it. Please contact the customer service team to apply for a sales return. (
4.Are there shipping charges for repeated delivery, rejected packages, or returned packages without reason?
Yes. The consignee will be responsible for extra delivery charges if delivery failures are caused by the consignee. Shipment charges for returned products because of order cancellation or package rejection after the goods have been shipped will be at the consignee’s own expense and will be deducted from the refund. Shipment charges for returns without reason will be at the customer’s expense, and will be deducted from the refund.

5.Under what circumstances will the df Online Store cancel an order unilaterally?
The df Online Store sells and ships products to end-user customers only. You may not commercially distribute, publish, license, or resell any products or services obtained from the df Online Store. We reserve the right to cancel your order and refund the original account if we detect one of the following violations before the goods are shipped out or signed for:
1) Ordered products exceed the purchase limit with the same df account;
2) A single account does not violate the purchase restriction, but an individual is determined (through payment account, delivery address, IP address, contact number, or other methods) to be linked to numerous accounts which cumulatively violate the purchase restriction.
3) df receives notification from the credit card issuer or PayPal that the transaction was somehow fraudulent.
4) df determines that the purchase was made through improper means or finds evidence that the order was not made legally.

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